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The following projects have been developed and released as Open Source.

Additional projects are also available on GitHub at

yqd - Yahoo Quote Downloader

Yqd is a command line tool for downloading historical price information from Yahoo. It accepts a group of symbols on the command line or from a file and downloads each symbols historical data to a CSV file. Yqd is useful for end of day scripts to download price information requalarly. Also, you can quickly verify data by running yqd manually and either editing the resulting file or passing an argument to yqd to display the results to stdio. (details)


qn - Quick Note

QuickNote is an application designed so you can email yourself short messages. It has both a command line and a web interface. With the web interface you can setup quicknote on your publically available server and be able to send yourself email messages from any machine. This can be very useful if you work from client sites or at public machines. Make sure you password protect your installation of quicknote though.

QuickNote also has a command line interface which can be setup on all of your local machines. This can be very useful if you run mulitple machines and only one is running your mail client. With quicknote you can send yourself simple messages or others very quickly right from the command line. (details)


downloader - Downloader event notification

If you notice the download links for all the applications on this page go through a downloader web app. This application was built for the following purposes.

First, the application sends an email to notify that someone is downloading a specific application. Second, the application updates a database table with counts for each application so I can see which ones are more popular than others. Lastly, the actual files are stored in Amazon's S3 service and downloader returns the file from there without the user being aware of it. With this the actual storage of the files can be changed in the future without having to change the urls to download them. (details)


signup - Web Signup Application

If you go to you'll notice a signup for updates form in the lower right. This allows visiters to add themselves to a newsletter list by entering their email address. This form posts to signup where the email address is added to a database. Also, the user is notified that they hae successfully added themselves and the admin of beaconhill gets a email notice.

You can download the project files for this application to build from for your own signup application. (details)


s3cp - Amazon S3 command line cp program

As a user of Amazon's S3 service for hosting files and storing backups I've longed for a simple command line copy progam. s3cp is the result.

It works similarly to the Unix cp program allow you to put files into S3 or to retrieve them. (details)


sitemapper - Automated sitemap.xml file generator

Building a new sitemap.xml each time you release a new version of you web site can be done through online tools but it would be best to have this done during the build and release of your site automatically.

Sitemapper builds on SitemapGen4j a library to generate XML sitemaps but automatically creating the appropriate urls required for SitemapGen4j.

To use sitemapper you only need to submit the root path of your site's www directory and your domain name.

For example,

$ java -jar sitemapper-cmdline-0.1.0.jar -u -d /home/brad/work/www/build/

After running this command you'll get a new sitemap.xml file in the directory. Here is the sitemap.xml file created by sitemapper for Beacon Hill's site. Beacon Hill's Sitemap.xml file

Here are more details on sitemapper.


JSkeleton - Java Application Builder

JSkeleton is a Java application builder. It supports two application types; Command Line and Web. For each time it supports access to a database as well.



Reciprocal - Reciprocal Link System

A Reciprocal link is where two web sites make an arrangement to link to each other. Typically this is done personally through email with webmasters you know.

At some point people figured out to automate this somewhat and that is exactly what Beacon Hill's Reciprocal program is.

You can use a simple form to add your site's information and where you've placed a link back to Beacon Hill. With this, Reciprocal will check your reciprocal link for a valid link and build a page with your sites link nightly.



SendIt - Large File Emailer

SendIt allows you to setup a system to email large files. It works by providing a form for the user to post their file and mail information. The system takes the file and stores it temporarily in Amazon's s3 Storage system and sends an email with a link to the file.



Sitebuilder - Web site builder from Emacs Outline and Org-mode files

Sitebuilder is a system for building web sites from Emacs outline or org-mode files. Using these simple hierarchial text files with a simple syntax web sites can be build or compiled as needed without fussing with html.



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