Knowledge Base

This portion of the Beacon Hill site is meant to be a collection of useful tips, program snippets and otherwise meaningful articles collected in the course of providing software consulting services to the financial community.

Readers of this site will see a bias towards certain technologies and should be aware that much of this comes directly from the needs of the recent Beacon Hill clients.

Much of the financial community runs Unix servers for their server-side infrastructure. Though some firms have moved towards Windows .NET server deployments, we at Beacon Hill have not seen this as being too great a trend. In as much as this is the case, Beacon Hill typically works on Unix-based system deployments.

On the desktop, both for developers as well as the business user, Windows is almost always the platform. Given this we have seen that a very useful development environment is to run Cygwin on Windows for development as well as interactions with the remote servers.

This knowledge base will start with this development environment as a target and will document some of the steps and tips to getting a Cygwin setup up and running.

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