Beacon hill has developed a number of applications that have lended themselves to packaging as business solutions. In these cases the software has been developed into a framework that enables Beacon Hill to reused and deploy a solution quickly and with more reliability.

Financial Solutions

All of our solutions are highly customizable and adapted for clients to model their own way of doing business.

Our system's open architecture with proprietary internal modules provide a level of integration unprecedented in the industry.

Third-party data, client data sources and custom analytic libraries are seamlessly merged into powerful financial systems.

Analytic Libraries

Beacon Hill has developed a number of high-performance and scalable analytic libraries that can be integrated into various client environments. Analytic library implementations stress ease of use and integration into an existing infrastructures.

Excel Integration

Beacon hill's excel integration suite provides the tools to empower clients with a truly seamless and unique blend of web, external data sources and analytic libraries.

The suite provides an infrastructure that addresses the most common challenges in opening up excel.

Features such as transparent database access, remote object invocation, simple file transfer, web object interface, data capture and messaging are all easily integrate-able.

P & L Reporting

Beacon Hill's timely and accurate p&l reporting systems provide a feature-rich p&l reporting environment with multiple breakdowns by books, desks, business lines, and user-specified criteria. Integration with external risk analytics and organizational dependencies are also supported.

Portfolio Management

Beacon Hill's windows-desktop based portfolio management system works in concert with p&l and analytics systems to deliver on-demand evaluations of various portfolios.

The system provides the ability to construct different portfolios and gauge performance characteristics(betas, greeks, variance, efficient frontiers, etc) while capturing manager-portfolio relationships.

Real-Time Feeds

Beacon Hill's technology supports the encapsulation of real-time market data into an excel-based add-in framework.

Popular data vendors such as Bloomberg and Reuters are supported out of the box.

Other third-party sources as well as custom client-based feeds are supported through an object-oriented extension framework.

All add-ins support common functionality such as: customizable "refresh" frequencies, multiple output targets (including ranges), database/file mirroring and the ability to add "hooks" into data streams for custom filtering and monitoring.


Effective financial management requires effective research.

Beacon Hill's financial research system infrastructure provides clients with a platform to publish, collect and disseminate research.

Research systems are well integrated into portfolio management systems and organizational structure processes and are designed for current regulatory requirements.

Risk Aggregation

Beacon Hill provides a fully developed front-to-back risk aggregation solution which stresses complete roll-up flexibility across any user bucketing requirements.

The system provides scalability necessary to meet business growth and regulatory requirements through a cross-platform modular architecture with a standardized reporting engine.

Trade Capture

Beacon Hill's flexible trade capture system is designed to adopt to ever changing trading environments while maintaining backwards compatibility.

Users can add, update or delete data elements and seamlessly connect to the built-in or outside valuation and reporting engines.

All interfaces are implemented around excel for ease of use and flexibility.


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