Case Studies

Each year Fanta has a contest to choose a new fourth Fantana. The Fantanas are a group of spokesmodels who promote the Fanta brand of soft drinks.

The contest uses video submissions as it's primary method for evaluation. A panel of judges ultimately chooses the winner but finalists are voted on by the public through the contest web site.

Beacon Hill was involved in the architecture and development of the contest web site for Fanta. The site provided a method for entrants to sign up for the contest, enter their personal information and upload or record a video for submission. Also, the site was designed for anyone to visit and preview entrant videos and vote for their favorites. The contest software developed required a easy to use interface to support capturing videos as well as converting them for display. In addition to the public facing portion of the site there was numerous requirements for administering the contest.


T-shirt vendor Changes needed a new web site with a modern look. They came to Beacon Hill looking for an interface that showed their numerous products in a multi-paned interface.

In addition to a new site design Beacon Hill built the JavaScript controls which enabled fully customized image displays in a randomized and aesthetic fashion.


Club 25 International is a youth-oriented global social club for young people committed to saving lives by regularly donating blood. The Club 25 International the fellow members in an easy and fun way. At the same time they wanted each member who is a member of their local club (called a chapter) to be able to participate within the chapter through the web site.

Features of include the following.

Unique content for each Chapter

Each Chapter creates it's own home page. When a chapter member logs in to they are presented with a customized page that shows images which link to chapter specific content. Also, when they go to the discussion, news or events pages they are presented with information from their chapter.

Social Networking

Members in are allowed to interact with other members through messaging and can establish friend connections. Also members are able to view discussions and news from their friends.

Event Management

Club chapters can schedule and mange events through an administrator module and invite friends and fellow chapter members


In addition to the home page carousel of images which is customizable by chapter administrators there is also support distributing videos and other media content to members.


FannedOut is the premier sports site for knowledgeable fans.

Part social network and part team-based sports knowledge gaming site, fannedout is attracting fans who want to compete in knowledge based games as part of a team.

The FanSquad is the innovative team based approach to social gaming invented and developed for FannedOut.


Cardigan is an online retailer specializing in sweaters. In addition to a new look to their site Cardigan required integration with a shopping cart system as well as integration with their shipping center.

Beacon Hill was used to develop and manage the software integration in this vibrant site.

Westchester Library System (Booksquire)

The Westchester Library System uses a system from SirsiDynix to support the catalogs for each of the 37 libraries in the county. The system works well but does not support the management of multiple cards at once. This feature is very useful for families with mulitple library card holders. Beacon Hill built a system that works with the existing catalog system so families can see an entire household's checkouts and holds. The system also features and automated notification system for items that are due within 3 days or on hold items that have arrived and are available for pickup.

Bergen Logistics

Bergen Logistics is an order fulfillment company located in New Jersey. They work with numerous vendors to take electornic orders from client sites, fulfill them from their wareshouse and ship them world-side. They have their own internal system to handle inventory and requests from vendors. Beacon Hill was hired to build the custom integration between Bergen and one of their popular vendors which resulted in the seamless tranfer of each order from vendor to Bergen.

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