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Healthcare information systems are a unique entity in the world of commerce, since they interface with many different systems both internally and externally. Often these are large organizations working to create information systems that are simple yet highly effective. Beacon Hill's dedication to simplicity and easy-of-use make us a perfect partner for any healthcare organization seeking information technology solutions.

Universal Windows desktop

One of the finest hospitals in the world contracted Beacon Hill to help design portions of an innovative universal Windows desktop. Their MIS department was charged with maintaining and supporting a very large Windows desktop user-base. These users desired a consistent working environment capable of operating from any desktop. A consistent set of applications, as well as a consistent location for user files, was one of many requirements. Beacon Hill provided custom software utilities in order to help build, develop and create this system. We also provide Windows-specific knowledge and consulting on the system, currently in use by more than a thousand users.

Communication components

Another large Boston healthcare provider was building a new database utilizing a client-server architecture. Beacon Hill was contracted to help provide communication components running over TCP/IP between the clients and servers. These clients ran on multiple platform types and, as a result, the components were also developed to be cross-platform compatible.

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